Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is Social Media a Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

     Social media is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Based on what I know about what social media actually is, I feel that social media is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution rather than being a fad. Social media is here to stay. Throughout the years social media has changed the way people interact with one another through technology. For example, back in the day there were no such things as cell phones or computers. People would contact each other by telephone (landline) or by letter writing. In today’s day and age, people rarely write personal letters for communication. Instead people use internet by having their own email address for communication. University/College professors use computers to contact their students by emailing those regarding upcoming assignments, tests, notes etc. This is a great way for both the students and professors to stay in contact with one and other as it is much easier to remain in contact through email as opposed to setting up an appointment to meet face to face. It is much quicker and easier to email the other person as opposed to trying to figure out what day and time works best for both the student and professor to meet, to discuss questions or problems a student may have with an assignment or course requirement.

 In addition, technology continues to grow as there are many different ways for people to stay in contact with one another. Some of these ways include: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, YouTube etc. In order to keep up with today’s society one must make sure that they keep informed with the various different ways that people are finding to communicate to each other. As calling overseas is very expensive, Skype allows people, no matter where they are in the world to see and speak to each other through a webcam at a fraction of the cost. Thus, Skype saves people money while keeping in constant touch whether with their love ones or business communication.

Facebook is another form of communication in which people can stay in contact with each other. Some important facts about Facebook include: Facebook having over more than 800 active users, more than 50% of active users long onto Facebook in any given day, average users are connected to 80 community pages, groups, and events. Also, Facebook plays a huge role in terms of today’s social media as every month more than 500 million people either use an app for Facebook or experience a Facebook platform on other websites. Thus, according to these statistics you can see that the use of technology continues to grow as our society evolves. Facebook allows users to put as much or as little information as they want on their Facebook page. This page can be viewed by a range of people online. Facebook can be used for personal or business usage. Facebook allows users to be able to post pictures of themselves, message people, comment on other people’s photos, and categorize certain people based on their relationship with other users such as: your family, close friends, work friends etc. Facebook allows people to join certain groups and keep in contact with those members that are a part of that group, as well as being a part of an event in which a friend can invite you to. Someone who has a Facebook account is providing their personal information to the world as Facebook is a large networking system. Personal information may include: your phone number if you wish to put your number in it, where you work, what year you were born, what school you currently attend, what program you are taking, where you were from and where you currently live etc. Even though Facebook is a great way for people to communicate, what you post on your personal page could potentially be viewed by many more people then you intended. Thus, you must be careful as to what you post on your Facebook account. Last but not least, I feel that people should embrace social media in a positive way as it really is incredible to know and be able to understand the various different ways that people can stay connected to one and other just through one device system. 


  1. I agree Michelle, that the numbers of people who are using Social Media are really substantial. It's amazing to think how many people are connecting with others all over the world.

  2. To imagine how long it would take a professor to contact 100 students back in the 1900's is unbareable nowadays if the professor has some time he/she can just whip off a mass e mail and contact all of them with the typing of one e mail and with that into perspective you can really imagin the chnages social media has done for us.

  3. Hey Mich mich :)

    I like your blog and I agree with you. I enjoyed most reading about what you think about facebook and your point of view on how it fits into social media because as many dont know you just joined facebook last semester. All in all you dont just walk the walk you talk the`ve embraced social media!!!