Friday, 23 March 2012

Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?

In my opinion, I strongly feel like the use of social media has brought real social change in terms of today’s day and age. My reasoning behind this is because if you think about it, the way that people are communicating in today’s day and age is completely different in comparison to people back in the day where there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Social media can bring out both positive and negative aspects regarding social change. In terms of the positive aspect, businesses are finding new ways to market their products through these various different social media sites to try and get potential consumers aware of their product. For example, Nike does a great way of advertising their company as they provide consumers with their own group on Facebook, posting pictures of their products as well as updating their statuses to inform consumers of their latest products. In addition, Facebook allows users to post their comments on the site that way businesses are constantly being informed as to the needs and wants of consumers. In addition, companies like Nike use YouTube as a way to commercialize there product on TV by updating the latest Nike advertisement through posting their commercials on YouTube. However, the negative aspect that social media has is that by making these site available to people, it ignores people being able to actually communicate to one and other face to face as opposed to over the web. These sites make people become less personable when it comes down to dealing with people since they rely so much on these social media tools by avoiding face to face confrontation. Overall, I feel like the use of Social media will continue bringing real social change regardless if their is either negative or positive aspects associated with the use of social media.