Sunday, 1 April 2012

How do you think social media will change in the future? What other trends would you add to the mix? Are they any specific technologies that you think will gain popularity or emerge?

In my opinion, I feel like the use of social media has constantly been changing from time to time. I remember when I was in elementary school and everyone would be using MSN and MySpace as a form of communication to try and communicate to their friends. As soon as Facebook had been introduced, everyone started to focus their attention more so on Facebook, causing social media sites like MSN and MySpace to be obsolete where very few people are using those sites.  Thus, I feel like social media will change in the future by the introduction of new social media sites being introduced to the public. As of right now everyone is hung up over using Facebook and Twitter, however who knows what the next innovation may be in regards to a newer version of sites like these. Furthermore, I feel like trends such as interviews being done over social media sites like Skype, will continue to increase as people are finding it to be more convenient in terms of their busy schedules as opposed to physically being at the interview face to face. Last but not least, I feel like technologies like the iPad will continue to emerge, causing other technologies like the lab top to eventually be obsolete just like how VHS systems are obsolete and people are turning to their Blu- ray systems as well as their DVD players. Also, the iPad is much easier for people to carry around with as opposed to lugging around a laptop and it also looks more professional in terms of the business sector. As technology continues to change, so should business in order to remain in tune with the media.  


  1. Michelle, I completely agree with your comment about interviews now being done on Skype. I believe that is the main change that is guaranteed to happen. Soon all job interviews and applications will be online. It will no longer be in-store applications and online resumes will be the norm. This will all happen due to the convenience factors and also, due to the fast pace society our world is turning into. There will no longer be time to sit down and chat with people, it will all be done through social media.

  2. Michelle, your comments about the demise of the laptop and the rise of the tablet are very perceptive. This change is already occurring. Like so many other forms of communication, the computer is on its way to extinction. New and improved modes are on the rise.
    The world will become much smaller when we use social media to talk to one another. Interviews on Skype will become the norm.

    1. I agree entirely. I feel that people follow trends in social media; as one becomes popular others are phased out. This includes the technology that we use to access these sites, like you addressed. Seems like you thought of it all :)

  3. I agree with your comments about trends. It seems as though our society today does seem to follow trends. The next new thing will definitly be out soon and replace current forms of social media. There will always be a few users though slow to convert!

  4. you know what is interesting, i just watched a concept video on the next generations of ipads and ive always wanted one. so to see they ipad fully develope and become more popular would be cool. msn was ages ago and now it facebook and twitter and all the new forms of social media, imagine what's next?

  5. Oh my goodness Mich you so took me back we almost forget how far we've come with social media and networking in general. The use of Skype has increased our face to face communication abilities incredibly. Thanks for the post.